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Description: Deeply hydrate the skin with this rich, luxurious moisturizer. Essential for aging, dry and sensitive skin, HydraLuxe improves moisture retention, reduces signs of aging and preserves the appearance of youthful looking skin. Provides softer, smoother and hydrated skin.
Directions: Smooth a teaspoon-sized amount onto skin day or night after cleansing and applying any PCA SKIN® corrective products. Apply a small amount and allow it to penetrate.
IQ: Adaptive Hydration – an advanced complex that regulates moisture levels in the skin, reduces water loss.
Snow algae – improves skin hydration and helps prevent environmental damage.
Niacinamide (5%) – a multi-functional ingredient that improves the appearance of hyperpigmentation, prevents trans epidermal water loss, strengthens barrier function, calms skin redness and improves the appearance of impure skin conditions.
Chicory leaf extract – a botanical that supports the skin’s structure and reduces the visible signs of aging.
Peony extract – maintains and improves skin volume and supports long-term healthy-looking skin.